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Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is an initiative aimed at supporting other Iranians who are either prospective UBC students or wish to apply to UBC in the next few application cycles. As part of the program, mentees will be paired with current UBC undergraduate or graduate students to learn about educational resources, specifics about studying at UBC, community involvement strategies, and housing and finance information.


Pejvak [Pezhvaak] is the first-ever Persinate academic journal at the University of British Columbia. Similar to the meaning of its name, the Journal was started by UBCPC to amplify scholarly voices within the Persian community and to further explore the Persian and Persian-Canadian identity of UBC students. Pajvak strives to not only introduce the Persian culture and language to students at UBC but to also explore new perspectives and inspire further academic thought about Persianate areas of research.

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