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Our Full Donation Plan can be found here

In an effort to offer additional support to the Iranian community at UBC, we have devised a two-phase donation plan to help alleviate the burdens and obstacles that may be standing in the way of students’ action and self-expression during this difficult time.


Phase 1:

The awareness fund: By gathering donations, we are aiming to fund the printing of educational material that contain information about Iran’s current political climate and the significance of this movement for feminism. Our funds will go towards the printing of posters, pamphlets, brochures and flyers that not only highlight the significance of the issue at large, but also offer information about ways to help the people of our country afflicted with this issue.


Phase 2:

Small-scale financial aid for students: In accordance with our plan to help Iranian students at the University of British Columbia in need of support as a direct result of the events that have unfolded in Iran, we also aim to gather donations that will go towards providing small-scale financial aid to some students. These ‘micro-grants’ will be made available to students that rely on Iranian currency to cover their expenses in Vancouver, but have had their source of income blocked due to the closure of most businesses in Iran. Due to sanctions placed on Iran and the country’s struggling economy, students who rely on the conversion of the Iranian Rial to the Canadian dollar for covering their tuition and other university-related costs, find themselves in a vulnerable position and need our immediate support. These funds will be granted at a limited capacity with a cap of $50.00 per application.

How to Donate

In order to deposit money to the club account, please note the following steps, you can either: 


1. E-transfer your desired donation amount to



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