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Student Life

Salam! Our names are Sanam, Nima, and Ava, and we are your Student Life team this year! Our goal is to bring together the Persian community at UBC through fun games and events meant to give you a place to meet new friends, relax, and enjoy our culture. In the past, we have had various events including: Mafia game nights, “Patogh” hang-outs, Norooz parties, Shamé Irani, Shabe Yalda celebrations, Ava (Music) nights, Farsi School in collaboration with the University of Toronto, and unique workshops lead by experts. This year, we hope to continue having these previous events and more with regular monthly Patoghs, new workshops, and sporting events. We cannot wait to meet you all and have lots of fun throughout the year!

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Mixed Kebab Plate
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Meet Community Members

Enjoy Iranian Cuisine

Celebrate Winter Solstice

Celebrate Nowruz with Community Members

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